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To ensure the quietness of this tranquil place is enjoyed by all, would you be so kind if you are arranging to bring a group down to the valley to please inform the Centre Office, as we have had several groups who have visited here recently at the same time as groups who have booked into Quiet days and Special services at the Church or found that their experience was diminished because of a funeral or wedding.

Quiet Days Programme for 2015


St Melangell's is one of the loveliest small churches in Britain, and one of the most remote. Its famous shrine attracts many visitors, but not enough to disturb its tranquillity.

Close by, The Saint Melangell Centre offers support to people in need by offering a contemplative space and opportunities for spiritual refreshment and renewal.

The Shrine Church of Saint Melangell The Shrine of St Melangell The Saint Melangell Centre

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